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Colin Perini

Colin Perini Seascapes (Acrylic on Board)


Colin Perini is among the finest seascape artists in the world.  His artistic genius has received rave reviews from art collectors around the globe.
His work must be seen to be believed.  A professional artist for over 20 years, Colin originally worked in the Australian mining industry after completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Sydney University.  Before specialising in painting the ocean, Colin worked with a variety of mediums and subjects, working for a number of years as a portrait artist in Australia, Europe and the United States.

As a self-taught artist, Colin has developed his amazing, unique style by being true to his heart.  The striking realism of his seascapes and his ability to capture the natural beauty and energy of the ocean is unrivalled by artists worldwide.

In over 20 countries, Colin Perini’s breathtaking acrylic seascapes are associated with absolute quality and natural beauty.
He creates uniquely textured and vividly realistic work for walls of every size.
Signed Certificates of authenticity are included with every piece of Colin’s art.


Ever Changing Dream      Swell After Swell               Whispers in the Distance   Emerald Pulse
1200×600,  $995              1200×600,  $995               1200×600, $1495 SOLD    1200×600, $995 SOLD

Song of the Blues: 600×1200,  $995                      Emerald Play: 600×1200,  $995

Peaceful Whispers: 600×1200,  $995                     Soft Songs In The Mist: 600×1200,  $995  SOLD

Blue Azzure Softness: 600×1200,  $995                Flowing Dreams: 600×1200,  $995  SOLD

Changing Realities: 600×1200,  $995  SOLD        Emerald Wishes: 900×1200,  $1650

Open Hearted Melody: 900×1200,  $1650              Blue Crystal Daydreams: 900×1200,  $1650
Beautiful Dreams (double) 1500×1100 $4750 SOLD    Never Ending Dances: 1200×900 $2250 SOLD